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What if you could see errors and trends in your organization-wide documentation, instantly?

Now you can, with Catalyst.

Unstructured text can lead to gaps in your documentation costing your organization money. Our groundbreaking new technology allows you to capture the patient’s full narrative and look across your organization’s unstructured data and find errors and trends in your coding.

Paint the most accurate picture possible with M*Modal Catalyst.

M*Modal Catalyst Will Help You:
  • Achieve more "meaningful use" of patient narrative than you may have thought possible
  • Identify coding errors that result in improper billing or non-compliance
  • Encourage greater specificity in diagnostic information
  • Deploy for CDI and other initiatives

“Being able to capture the patient’s story accurately has a huge impact on patient care.
So it is critical that we can capture as much depth and richness as possible.
And M*Modal allows us to do that.” - Dan Fischman, MD

Lead physician and champion, Clinical Informatics projects, PinnacleHealth

Discover The Benefits Of M*Modal Catalyst For Quality:
  • More accurate coding/billing
  • Preparation for ICD-10
  • Improved quality score
  • Open, configurable solution
Watch A Video Demo To See M*Modal Catalyst For Quality In Action!

Discover how to achieve "meaningful use" while uncovering missing information across your organization:

Hear what Stephen Willis, CIO of Canopy Partners, has to say about
M*Modal Catalyst for Radiology.